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With over 9 years in the industry and six-world record efficiencies, Solarmer is the world leader in OPV research. Our chemists have perfected the science of OPV polymer synthesis. We are committed to advancing the field by providing the best materials to universities and businesses alike. Every batch of materials comes with the optimized processing parameters, appropriate characterization data, and a quality guarantee.

Our high-performance polymers, like PBDTT-FTTE, PTB7 and PffBT4T-2OD, will help you achieve more than 60% improvement in PCE as compared to traditional P3HT. By allowing us to provide you with monomers and polymers, you can focus on making cutting-edge discoveries quickly.

Our catalog currently hosts some of the highest-achieving polymers and monomers known. We also perform custom chemical synthesis for many related materials. Download our catalog and contact a sales representative today to start a conversation about what Solarmer can do for you.