Solarmer Energy


Solarmer's Mission Statement

Holding up a 20 meter long solar panel.

Holding up a 20 meter long solar panel.

Welcome to Solarmer Energy, Inc. - a world leader in Organic and Printed Electronics. Solarmer was founded with the vision to offer renewable, affordable, and clean energy to all, especially the two billion people who do not have access to electricity. 

Solarmer is developing Organic Photovoltaic or OPV technology, targeting wearable technology, portable power, off-grid power, and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) markets. Solarmer will utilize its materials, devices, and roll-to-roll process technology to manufacture OPV modules with strategic partners throughout the world. Solarmer sells and provides OPV modules to product developers and system integrators who will integrate them into various products.

Solarmer and Organic Photovoltaics


OPV are third generation PV cells which use an organic polymer layer to convert light into electricity. 




  • First PV technology capable of generating electricity at a cost on par with conventional fuels, making it a cost-effective renewable energy source.
  • Easily manufactured by roll-to-roll processes.
  • Better performance in low light.
  • Can be transparent and colorful.
  • Greater flexibility and lower weight



The present state of OPV can always be improved which is why we are focusing our efforts to develop more efficient solar cell technology. There will always be a need for better, cheaper, and more stable materials. Low-band gap polymers with appropriate energy levels, high mobility, and good solubility will provide a solution. The relatively short lifetime of OPV compared to inorganic PV is also a concern. Stable functional materials as well as better encapsulation technologies are needed. There are also many technical hurdles to overcome when scaling-up the production process. The promise of true low-cost OPV will only be achieved with the development of high-speed, high-yield, low-cost manufacturing. The most applicable future of OPV, however, may lie in the fast-growing field of wearable technology.



Organic photovoltaics will always be useful in applications involving energy. They are aesthetically appealing and can easily be integrated in applications as a deployable energy generator for rural and urban sectors, military purposes, and natural disaster areas. When it comes to the Wearable Technology industry, one of the biggest challenges that the industry faces is the limited battery life that plagues most of its products. Here, at Solarmer, we are trying to address that issue. OPV will be the most sought after technology for wearables as they are light-weight, thin, beautiful, flexible, and non-toxic. OPV-powered IoT sensors will allow its users to focus on something more important rather than worrying about running out of battery.