Edward T. J. Chen, Chairman and CEO

With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in the high-tech industry, Edward is also the founder and CEO of AMREL, a leader in cutting edge technology providing supply chain solutions for the renewable energy, military and homeland security markets. Mr. Chen previously held a position with Motorola as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for nine years. He left Motorola in 1980 and co-founded Motech Industries (a silicon solar cell manufacturer), CReTE Systems, and Galaxy Far East Corporation, all listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange. As a successful entrepreneur, his resources and ability to grow startup companies into industry leaders are well-established. Edward received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the National Taipei Institute of Technology.


Woolas Hsieh, President

Woolas brings over 20 years of experience in investment banking and commercial banks to the company, including extensive knowledge of corporate governance, expertise in structuring financial products, and experience with equity financing. He contributed to the launch of Taiwan's first exchange listed equity derivative in his time as Executive Vice President at Daiwa Bank. He previously held positions as an Equity Trader at Lehman Brothers, Banking Center Manager/Vice President at Bank of America, and is a Founding Partner of Innoventure Group, Inc., a private equity and investment firm. Woolas graduated from National Taiwan University with a BL in Law and received an MBA in Finance from the University of Cincinnati.


Jennifer Yu, Executive Vice President

Jennifer is tasked with facilitating the company's efforts to develop strategic partners and corporate finance. Prior to joining Solarmer, she spent 27 years with Bank of America, eighteen of which were in management. Under her management the deposit of her banking center grew from $250 million to $600 million in six years. She received BOA's Award of Excellence an astonishing 15 consecutive years. Jennifer is also the Managing Partner of the MP Amber Fund and is a graduate of Consumer Banking School at the University of Virginia.