Supercapacitors: Super-thin, Fast-charging Energy Storage Devices for the Future

Researchers at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA have created a new hybrid super capacitor. These batteries store huge amounts of energy and can charge in seconds. Another incredible feature of this battery is the recharge cycle: it can be recharge 10,000 times.

The applications for this super capacitor are incredible. The lead researcher, Richard Kaner, described the application in a futuristic tone: 

"Let's say you wanted to put a small amount of electrical current into an adhesive bandage for drug release or healing assistance technology. The microsupercapacitor is so thin, you could put it inside the bandage to supply the current. You could also recharge it quickly and use it for a very long time."

The storage capacity of these microsupercapacitors can hold six times the energy that existing supercapacitors can. Researchers hope that these kinds of microsupercapacitors can help the growth of hand-held electronic batteries. They can also be very useful in applications as simple as streetlamps. Solar cells can gather and store energy in the supercapacitors throughout the day and can power LED lamps for public use during the night time

The future seems bright for these incredible devices. You can read more the interesting uses for supercapacitors here.