Tesla's New Battery Transcends Our Imaginations

Tesla, already famous for their electric super cars, is working on something really incredible: the stationary battery for home usage and large-scale utilities. The company hopes to take this public in a few months and start production within the year.

    These stationary home batteries will amp up the usability of solar panels and all renewable energies. Energy storage has always been a problem ever since solar panels were created. This is why grid power is still so heavily used regardless of how efficient PV systems have become. What’s the point of having very efficient solar panels when the energy can only be stored for a short amount of time? The reason why this stationary home battery is so important is because consumers can generate and store their own electricity while selling the excess energy back to the energy companies. Not only are consumers saving money, but they are also making money.

    You can find out more about the the amazing new Tesla battery here.