Improving Buildings to Help Promote Environmental Awareness

One in every ten U.S. adults is obsessed with the newest technology craze, wearable tracking devices. Such devices allow clients to track their physical activity such as heart rate, calories burned and more.  This growing trend of collecting and analyzing data will be applied to buildings; resulting in smart buildings. These buildings will lower energy cost and promote environmental awareness.

The contribution of energy data in a building is vital; however, what is more significant is that portions of the building are data-specific. This will allow the building to be more efficient and the respective inhabitant will be able to see the impact of this decision on the building’s performance. Also, individuals will be able to compare their energy usage with that of their neighbors, recognizing a goal and pursuing it.  Now, as important as it is for one to have an individual goal, it is just as important for a building to have an energy efficiency goal. Participants can moderate how frequently a building is fully lit or naturally ventilated. From there, data can be analyzed and help future buildings cut energy costs and reduce carbon footprint.

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Obama Administration Aims to Make Solar Energy More Affordable To All

Although solar energy is economically friendly, Americans with lower incomes have difficulty in obtaining financial needs to accommodate their homes with solar installations. To help with this growing problem, President Obama issued a new initiative called the “community solar” projects. These projects will focus on providing cost effective energy to those living in apartments and government subsidized buildings. For example, one solar installation will be able to power various homes of low- and middle- income families.  The project also provides an installation of 300 megawatts, where one megawatt powers 164 homes. A great benefit from this project is lower electricity bills, giving low-income Americans a change for the better. 

President Obama’s new initiative will attract new investors and power companies to assist low- income communities. As of last week, SolarCity has announced its greatest community solar project for the Minneapolis-St. Paul district to provide 100 “solar gardens” that would generate energy for low-income families. Through this initiative, the solar energy workforce will increase and therefore open up new job opportunities for the unemployed. During his last term in office, President Obama wishes to advocate more initiatives that will continue to fight climate change.

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Tesla's New Battery Transcends Our Imaginations

Tesla's New Battery Transcends Our Imaginations

Tesla, already famous for their electric super cars, is working on something really incredible: the stationary battery for home usage and large-scale utilities. The company hopes to take this public in a few months and start production within the year