DSSC Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

DSSC Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

DSSC Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Item Number: QE-mini

Description: QE-mini is a testing tool for universities and research institutions to test Quantum Efficiency(QE) / Spectral Response(SR) / Incident photon to converted electron(IPCE) of solar cells. The unique DC mode measurement,which enables users to measure any type of solar cells, especially for Dye-sensitized (DSSC) and Photoelectrochemical (PEC) solar cells.


  • Good cost performance, low maintenance cost and long life. 
  • Measurement Range: 350 nm ~ 1100 nm, it provides the full-range visible light, ultra violet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) of spectrum to meet user’s measurement needs. 
  • The light source provides stable and smooth spectrum curve, and a more precise measurement result in visible and near-NIR range compared to the conventional Xe light source.
  • High-intensity monochromatic light, the measurement repeatability is better than 99%。
  • DC mode has a faster measurement speed compared to conventional AC mode.
  • With the combination of DC mode and DC light bias, it optimizes the measurement results. 
  • Shielding Box with low stray light, which makes the DC mode measurement more accurate.
  • EQE and IQE in-situ measurement.


Main Measurement Functions:

  • Quantum Efficiency, QE
  • Spectral Response, SR
  • Incident photon to converted electron, IPCE
  • Short-circuit current density, Jsc

Optional Functions:

  • Internal Quantum Efficiency, IQE 
  • Reflectance/Transmittance Measurement
  • Photo-Electric Attenuation Measurement 
  • Sample testing accessories for electrolytic cell 


  • Most recommended:
    Dye-sensitized solar cell, DSSC
    Photoelectrochemical cell, PEC
    Perovskite solar cell, PVK

  • Other recommended:
    Crystalline silicon solar cell: c-Si, mc-Si
    Thin film solar cell: a-Si,CdTe, CIGS, OPV