QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

QE-R Total Quantum Efficiency Measurement Solution

Item Number: QE-R

The QE-R system is developed in accordance with IEC, ASTM standards and refers to the measurement procedure of primary metrology institutes to determine Spectral Response /Quantum Efficiency of photovoltaic devices. The QE-R system can also install optional transmittance/reflectance functions and customized testing stages. The QE-R system provides users an All-in-One solution for Spectral Response and Quantum Efficiency measurement for solar cells. It is now implemented by target research centers and major cell manufacturers to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.


  • “Exclusive” two DSP dual-phase lock-in amplifiers, which monitors the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.

  • “Exclusive” integrated computer-controlled signal switch can reduce cost for maintenance and consumables.

  • High-efficiency light collection system exceeding 70 % collecting rate and provides accurate and stable measurement.

  • Czerny-Turner multi-gratings monochromator with low stray light ( < 10-5), provides precise and rapid measurement.

  • Stable lamp system for long testing time and less calibration time.

  • High repeatability over 99.5 %

  • For various types of solar cells measurement.

system description

Designed in accordance with IEC 60904-1, 60904-7, 60904-8:

  • Can measure Spectral Response and External Quantum Efficiency.

  • White Light Bias Intensity can reach 0 to 3 solar constants (The same grade as Fraunhofer ISE).

  • Automatic zero-bias function provides a stable short-circuit condition for the solar cell under testing.

  • Integrated system, easy to operate or install.

  • Auto band-gap calculation, provides critical material characteristics.

  • The system can provide customers the most accurate correction parameters by calculating mismatch factor.

  • Provides the most accurate calculation of the whole spectrum short-circuit current density by auto-interlace method.

  • Short-circuit current density spectrum can be the reference for material analysis and process improvement.

  • Provides IQE calculation function. Customers can input the reflectivity of the device to obtain the IQE information.

High-efficiency light elliptical reflector:

  • Light collection efficiency > 70 %

  • Provides accurate and stable measurement.

Czerny-Turner multi-diffraction gratings monochromator:

  • Low stray light <10-5

  • High stability and fast scan rate.

  • Spectral range can reach 200 nm ~ 2000 nm.

Dual-beam optical design:

  • The same design as NIM, NIST and PTB.

  • Monitors the light intensity while acquiring the current signal, which ensures the measurement accuracy.

Signal multiplexer:

  • QE-R integrates computer-controlled signal switching multiplexer.

  • Helps customers reduce wiring errors.

  • Signal-to-noise ratio can reach 100 dB, the result of the overall system optimization.

  • DC mode function for DSSC solar cells.

  • High uniformity detector.