Solar Module Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Solar Module Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Solar Cell Full-Area Spectral Response Measurement System

Item Number: SR-156

Description: SR-156 is a solar cell spectral response measurement system designed by Enli Technology Co., Ltd., and also is the first modular full-area (156×156 mm2 ) illumination equipment in the world, can measure the spectral response of the whole cell. The full-area result resembles the overall cell response better and can be utilized to calculate the Spectral Mismatch Factor according to IEC standard. This resolves the situations when localized-area measurement or mapping results might misrepresent the whole cell. It is now implemented by target research centers and major cell manufacturers to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.


  • Designed in accordance with IEC 60904-8, such that the measurement results meet the requirements of metrology institute.
  • Calculation of Spectral Mismatch Factor is based on IEC 60904-7
  • Stable light source for long testing time and less calibration time.
  • Temperature-controlled system provides stable measurement environment.
  • The monochromator provides precise wavelength control and resolution.
  • Integrated system without an optical table, space-saving and easy installation. 
  • Illumination area ≧ 156×156 mm2. Uniformity ≧ 95 % (The same as Fraunhofer ISE)