Temperature Controller System

Temperature Controller System

Temperature Controller System

Item Number: QE-IS

Description: The best temperature controller system for your solar cells.

System features

  • Semiconductor-based electronic components, and with small size, it can heat and cool the system effectively. 

  • High reliability. Do not need to maintain regularly. 

  • Integrate with Temperature Sensor, Stage, Radiator and Cooling Fan in one system. 

  • Controlled by temperature controller, and can switch from heating to cooling and vice versa automatically. 

  • Temperature Range: 10℃~80℃ 

  • The minimum stage area is 50mm x 50mm. The maximum stage area is 300mm x 300mm (stage area can be customized) 

  • Stage can fix the sample by using vacuum absorption system. (Options) 

  • Stage can be designed and customized according to the sample shape and voltage. 

  • In accordance with New IEC-60904-8

Model Specifications

Model Specifications